How can we solve covid-19?

For the last two weeks I have been trying to find Covid-19 test kits and medical supplies to make available to the state or hospitals and for the people.  The first problem I encountered is that no one answers a call or an email, from the governor’s office to the hospital administrators, to find out how many kits they have and how many they need.  In the meantime, we found a third-party supplier that has access to many of the kits and other medical supplies the hospitals need.  We are verifying the authenticity of this at this point.  But we find out that the handling of medical supplies and equipment is handled by the Governor’s office, Center for Disease Control, and FEMA who provides the allocations: all government entities. 

So today we do not know how many kits Oregon has, how many they need, or if they are being kept on the shelves?  How can this be?

I have a friend whose daughter has Lyme disease.  This person has a Master’s degree, but has come to the place in her disease where she can no longer hold a job or have the consistent ability to work from home.  Because she could not get government funds for her daughter’s treatments, she ended up spending most of her life savings on treatments with a doctor who had limited success.  If there were not so many governmental agencies and medical disagreements about the treatment for Lyme, she could have gotten the proper treatments with the help of a properly-structured healthcare program and recovered by now.  People complain that the cost of healthcare is too high when the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield makes $5 million a year, but people can’t get proper treatments.

Government implements things in legislation to protect us. But when doctors and nurses have to spend 3 hours filling out paperwork because of government requirements, instead of providing healthcare, it makes the program ineffective and the costs expensive. When insurance companies have 9 different programs and government has 3, it becomes a maze of confusion for both the patient and the doctors.  Straight from the horse’s mouth yesterday, my doctor told me some doctors are just leaving because they are fed up with all the government requirements.

Others seek education or training to get them to a better life, but student loans keep them beholden for years and years, paying off school loans with high interest.  Yet, the highest-paid college football coach in our country makes $9 million a year!  When students must take out student loans that put them in debt for half of their work life, there has to be a better way.

It all starts right here, with this conversation you and I are having here.  This is not a one-way conversation. I am listening, I am hearing. We may not agree on everything, but we can find ways to agree to disagree.  I want your support, I want your vote, and I want you to find like-minded persons who are running for office in your community and support them and elect them.  Call us Republic-ats if you like.

I’m running for the Republican nomination to represent Oregon’s great District 3 in the US House of Representatives, and I need your vote in the Primary Election on May 19th! Are you registered to vote? I hope so! Please think about donating too, because although I have all the money in the world, it is all in your pockets!

  • Frank Hecker, Candidate for US House of Representatives, District 3 State of Oregon

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