How I Got Here

Five weeks ago, I was just a pissed off citizen like most of the people in our country.  I watched the impeachment hearings and was upset about the process, the bias, the outright lies, and the lack of respect, not only for each other, but for our country.  Then watching the Democratic debates, it looked like a bunch of kids fighting over a piece of candy, attacking each other to win the prize.  Then came the state of the union, one of the most hallowed traditions in our government, started by President Washington in 1790.  Ms. Pelosi tore up the speech on TV with total disrespect for the President, for our country, and for our traditions.

It was then that I decided that I could do a better job than that. That maybe I could win a seat in the House and have some influence in restoring respect to our government.  Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez sent me an email saying she was out recruiting people for her New Green Deal, and I thought, maybe the Republicans are recruiting people, too. So, I called my county Republican office and told them who I was and what I was thinking.  Long story short, within 2 days I was filing to be a candidate. 

As I enter politics, who am I?   I’m not a far-right Republican. I’m not a progressive Democrat. I’m somewhere in the middle.  I’ve found that my political viewpoint lines up best with President Ronald Reagan, a compassionate conservative.  So what is a compassionate conservative?

  • One who believes in financial responsibility. Basically, don’t spend more than you make by holding down expenses and balancing it with income. 
  • One who believes that there are people who have critical needs.  People who are stuck in situations without hope that need a bridge, a helping hand, not a handout, to help them achieve their dreams for their or their children’s lives. 
  • One who believes in making government efficient and not wasteful.  The money that could be saved by proper management could instead be used for things like healthcare treatments where there aren’t any now.  Or college or trade training where there are no resources to get there.

Compare that to…

  • Progressive:  Based on discussions I’ve had with progressive, they believe big government can solve all our problems.  They believe in the ability of the collective administrated by a select few to fix the issue.  They believe in giving up 50-70% of their paycheck if they can have free healthcare and free education.
  • Far Right Conservative:  A person that believes that certain principles are absolute truth and if you are against these principals, you are against them and there is no room for discussion.
  • Communist: Complete administration and ownership of production, businesses, and services.
  • Socialist:  Government ownership or control of production, business, and services.

What can I offer that other candidates cannot?

  • A long time ago I was a Naval aviator, and also had graduated from our TOP GUN school, as the best of the best.  For me I was just doing my job, like all veterans have.
  • Then I built 22 years of experience consulting for companies like Boeing, Northrup, Lockheed and other, solving their efficiency issues to improve their bottom lines.  I can apply these same principals to government to make it work better.

It all starts right here, with this conversation you and I are having here.  This is not a one-way conversation. I am listening, I am hearing. We may not agree on everything, but we can find ways to agree to disagree.  I want your support, I want your vote, and I want you to find like-minded persons who are running for office in your community and support them and elect them.  Call us Republic-ats if you like.

I’m running for the Republican nomination to represent Oregon’s great District 3 in the US House of Representatives, and I need your vote in the Primary Election on May 19th! Are you registered to vote? I hope so! Please think about donating too, because although I have all the money in the world, it is all in your pockets!

  • Frank Hecker, Candidate for US House of Representatives, District 3 State of Oregon

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Oregon's primary is May 19th and Frank needs your vote!

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