How to fix partisan politics

The structure of our government is solid, strong, and serves the people. But without cooperation and teamwork implementing programs and legislation, no government program will work. Current legislation for almost any subject is a combination of what the Republicans or the Democrats have been able to push through. It is not consistent or effective.  Government has become the problem, not the answer.

I don’t care what party you’re in. If we do not work together to solve these problems, if we sit and throw stones at each other, or throw each other under the bus with attacks and disrespect, nothing is going to work.

It is like in the company you work for, whether a large corporation or a family pizza shop: if the people in the company don’t work together, nothing gets done.  They are always fighting each other for position, status, raises, while the pizza orders pile up and no pizzas go out the door to the customers.  It only takes one bad apple to turn people to fighting each other instead of getting the job done.  Sound familiar? Sound like the impeachment hearings, and the State of the Union?

Because I believe I have the abilities to make this happen, I will outline the 10 important things that need to happen to make this country’s government functional again.  As you read, I hope you don’t pick one you don’t like and dismiss me altogether.  Find the ones you could support, and give me your opinion on the ones you don’t agree with.  That is how we get to the solution!

No add-ons on legislation, or amendments added to a bill.

Just last week we saw the House hold up CRITICAL funding on the Covid-19 Emergency Bill to add in funding for the Kennedy Center, emissions on airplanes for 2030, and other add-ons that had nothing to do with Covid-19.  The people needed the help NOW, and they delayed passing the bill for 2 days, adding in their own amendments because they would not have been able to get them passed based on their own merit.

Only allow individual contributions to a campaign.  No more PAC, corporate, or company contributions.  Possibly raise the limit to $10k per individual.

Campaign finance has been a subject that politicians have not been willing to address.  I get it, because here I am in the middle of a campaign with $2000 left in my campaign account and the tendency is to take money from anyone to further our cause.  But then we owe someone something, and as true public servants, politicians should only serve the people, not the special interests.

Flat rate income tax. deductions for primary home ownership interest.

It is common knowledge that some corporations and wealthy individuals, and also persons with low incomes, pay no taxes. If everyone paid something for all the goods and services government gives us, then there would be plenty of funds to do all that we want and need to do.  Let’s assume half the population is part of the work force. Therefore, half of 400 million is 200 million people. 200 million multiplied by $1000 = $200 billion, which is about 1/3 of our current budget.  There has to be a formula to make this work.  What do you think? As for deductions for primary home ownership, the idea behind this is that homeownership creates stability for the family with a predictable situation that they can work with to plan how many kids they are going to have and the rest of their lives.

Balanced budget. no borrowing, no additional debt.

Families manage their own personal affairs by not spending more than they make.  If they do, they are soon bankrupt.  The same should hold true for the government. 

  • USA: Our federal government spending of $4.407 trillion is higher than its revenue of $3.422 trillion. 
  • OREGON: Our state faces a $1.6 billion shortfall in the next two-year budget cycle. State revenue in the coming two-year budget cycle is forecast at $19.7 billion, up $1.3 billion.

Income tax as we know it needs to be changed to National sales tax.

I propose a 1-3% sales tax, based on the item’s necessity vs. luxury.

Bring troops home, security teams at Embassies.

We are not a police state and have to respect the sovereignty of each country.  Let it be known that when there is injustice, the USA will be there to correct.

STRONG NATIONAL SECURITY: Mandatory service to country, either military or military/domestic

The domestic branch of the government under this structure would focus on humanitarian projects and aid.   Both branches would work under military management – trust me, it has the processes and discipline to make it work.  This way, everyone goes through boot camp, and all Americans learn how to use firearms responsibly. 

Reallocation or military budget to domestic – NO NEW TAXES, NO TAX CUTS.

How many F-35s or submarines, missiles do we need to feel safe?  The war has changed and is now about technology hacking, misinformation, and infiltration of socialist and communist’s philosophy into our system. Scroll down to watch a video of Secretary of State Pompeo discussing this matter at Governor’s Conference in February 2020.

Consolidate agencies with flat, efficient organization structures.  

There are too many government agencies in existence, many whose function is redundant, confusing to citizens, inefficient, or puts tremendous tax burden on citizens.  Consider restructuring with fewer levels of government, perhaps cutting one out.

Streamline the supply chain to make us independent of materials and resources from other countries, especially military, energy, and critical health care related items.

It all starts right here, with this conversation you and I are having here.  This is not a one-way conversation. I am listening, I am hearing. We may not agree on everything, but we can find ways to agree to disagree.  I want your support, I want your vote, and I want you to find like-minded persons who are running for office in your community and support them and elect them.  Call us Republic-ats if you like.

I’m running for the Republican nomination to represent Oregon’s great District 3 in the US House of Representatives, and I need your vote in the Primary Election on May 19th! Are you registered to vote? I hope so! Please think about donating too, because although I have all the money in the world, it is all in your pockets!

  • Frank Hecker, Candidate for US House of Representatives, District 3 State of Oregon

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