His honesty and ethics are beyond question.

It is a pleasure to write a personal recommendation for Frank Hecker.  I have known Frank for the time he has resided in Oregon.  I have observed him personally through social situations and various activities about twice a week for the past five years.  Consequently, I feel well qualified to speak about his personal traits and character.

From a personal standpoint I would rate Frank extremely high.  I see that his honesty and ethics are beyond question.  Frank has good relationship skills and is excellent at communicating with everyone.  I find him very interested in people and ideas and is an excellent listener.  He has the ability to see both sides of issues that come to light in discussions.  Frank is not quick to come to decisions until he has heard extensively from both sides of an issue.  He appears to enjoy doing research on community topics such as educational policies and school budgets.

Frank is task oriented and I have witnessed his success in leadership roles.  He is not self-centered and looks to the big picture when evaluating issues on the local, state and national level.  I believe if elected to a political position Frank would strive to serve the good of all groups of people.

- William R. Maddox
Retired Educator

He wants to listen to the people and make decisions that best help the district he wants to represent.

I teach 8th grade social studies in the Kyrene School District. I am currently in my 4th year of teaching at Centennial Middle School. When teaching social studies, you have a unique opportunity to really connect with your kids because of the curriculum us social studies teachers get to teach. One of the things we do a lot in my class is talk about current issues and elections. It is a lot of fun to lead discussions with my students and to see them talk about their concerns for the future. In these discussions I never tell my students my opinion. It is important that they come up with conclusions on their own.

            One of the biggest concerns my students talk about is how politicians are bought by big donors. They don’t feel like their representatives actually represent them. This is why I write to you and want to talk about Frank Hecker. I have gotten to know Frank Hecker in the last 3 months and he represents in my opinion everything my students want to see in a politician. He wants to listen to the people and make decisions that best help the district he wants to represent, not the big donors. He is veteran who served his country and loves his country. He is the politician of the future. What I am asking for is for you to listen to what Frank Hecker has to say. He has a lot of great ideas for his district and country. When you like what he has to say, spread the news about the incredible change he can make in Washington D.C. Thank you for your time.

- David Panther


Oregon's primary is May 19th and Frank needs your vote!

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